Be at Club Risque Bristol on Feb. 21st for Miss Budweiser!

Be at Club Risque Bristol on Feb. 21st for Miss Budweiser!

So, our Eagles won the biggest game of the year in convincing fashion, and the party was only something Philadelphia could pull off. Now we can spend the better part of a year lording this victory over everyone who doubted that our team could unseat the Patriots on the world’s biggest football stage. And while that party is over, Club Risque doesn’t stop being the hottest strip club in the city. We’ve got the rest of the year ahead of us, filled with big events. Coming to Club Risque Bristol on February 21st is the crew from BUDWEISER, and they’re going to help you decide who is the hottest girl in house! Don’t miss your chance to see the crowning of one of our lovely Risque Girls as Miss Budweiser!

It won’t be easy to pick. Club Risque has the sexiest strippers anywhere in Philly, and having to pick one girl out of all of them is too much of a challenge for most people.

Lucky for you, we’ll have plenty of beer on hand to help. This is Miss Budweiser, after all!

Bring your friends, bring a lucky bachelor, and be there for Miss Budweiser!

As always, any event at Club Risque is going to have the finest entertainment you can get at any Philly strip club! Our lovely bottle girls will be serving the drinks you desire, there’s going to be Budweiser aplenty. Of course, there will be entertainment.

The naughtiest, sexiest dancers in the city will be showing off the hottest performances to earn that crown. For the adventurous, some time in a private room with one of our ladies will have you coming back for more. Maybe a lapdance or two could sway the competition in their favor!

Don’t miss a minute of this contest!

Whether you’re flying solo, or bringing the bros for a celebration, there’s no finer strip club than Club Risque. Check out our various party packages, and fill up our exclusive VIP area! Club Risque Bristol offers VIP access to our bar’s top shelf, a private party room & stage, and even a buffet. Be fed, drink well, and party with the sexiest gals you’ve ever seen!

If you have plans for a night out anywhere else on the 21st, cancel them and call us. If you don’t have plans yet, call us. Club Risque has the entertainment you’re looking for. Visit Philadelphia’s finest gentlemen’s club on February 21st for Miss Budweiser. We promise you a night that will have you coming back for more!

The event starts after 9PM; we’ll see you there.

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