Celebrate the Big Game at Philly’s Sexiest Strip Club: Club Risque!

Celebrate the Big Game at Philly’s Sexiest Strip Club: Club Risque!

Through thick and thin, Philadelphia’s football fanatics have been some of the most loyal fans that any professional sports team could ask for. That faith has been at last rewarded.  Our Eagles CRUSHED Minnesota 38-7 on January 21st, a big win in a big game that brings Philly back to THE Big Game. If you’re a football fan, if you love the Philadelphia Eagles, you aren’t going to miss the game for anything. The football season is coming to its dramatic climax, and the sexiest strip club in Philly is ready to throw the biggest party!

You have your pick of places to go see it. Any sports bar, nightclub, or restaurant with a TV is going to have the game on. But you should ask yourself this: why settle for a plain sports bar? Why settle for some generic sitdown in the middle of the town?

Turn the night of THE big game into one of the hottest nights of the year. Come to Club Risque, enjoy football, cheer for our Eagles, and be pampered by our incomparable Risque Girls!

Don’t miss beautiful girls, booze, and our Eagles entering battle against New England! #FlyEaglesFly

Club Risque brings a show every night that you’ll never see in any sports bar! Roll up solo, or bring your friends to party with! We’ve got lovely bottle girls ready to bring what you want, and of course the hottest adult entertainers in Philly on stage and in the crowd. If you’re looking to blow off some steam during the half-time show, why not invite one of our girls to a private room?  The Risque Girls can’t wait to give loyal Eagles fans another show on Sunday they’ll never forget!

We bet you’ve never celebrated the biggest football game of the year quite like this. This coming Sunday is special, so treat yourself to Club Risque!  We promise that you’ll come back for more, and you won’t think of sports the same way ever again. You’ll definitely think twice if your choice is a tired  sports bar, or the sexiest strip club in the city filled with girls who want to make your fantasies real.

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