A Philadelphia lap dance isn’t just for men

A Philadelphia lap dance isn’t just for men

Why do men enjoy strippers and strip clubs? Why do women read romance novels? The answer is: fantasy! The “deal” with strip clubs and the Philadelphia lap dance is the experience. A beautiful girl who wants you and only you as she’s on your lap; that’s a no brainer. Lap dances are fun! You hang out at the club for a few hours, have cocktails and laughs taking in the scenery of hot girls and then choose a girl from a myriad of flavors. The lap dance is not a commentary on your sexual prowess or a step towards a long-term relationship. The experience is entertainment.

Well guys, here’s motivation for you: lap dances aren’t just for men. Ladies love the one-on-one time with a sexy entertainer too. All of the same reasons you are inspired when a sexy girl, with soft skin and engaging eyes only for you, stands in front of you, strips of her clothes to a g-string and gives you the lap dance of a lifetime, are the same for a woman. The male fantasy of Girl-On-Girl without you having to convince your girl that it’s a great idea. She chose the lap dance on her own!

Truth or Myth?
Do women engage in lap dances as a turn on for their man?

According to experts, women come to Club Risque with their guy and yes, a Philadelphia lap dance with a Club Risque entertainer can be motivation for the after-club entertainment at home; specific details you will have to get from your girl in person. On the flip side, girls like the girl-on-girl for them too. Sorry guys. The same reasons you guys like a hot women, with subtle skin, great smile and assets to make your half hour fantasy a reality, women are turned on by the same. Why wouldn’t an independent woman who’s happy to please her man and herself, come to Philadelphia’s premier strip club? Why wouldn’t they visit the club known for gorgeous women who are equal opportunity customer service experts? Could she resist our upscale lounge atmosphere, the premium cocktails, and a full menu of food pairings and cigars?

According to our female clientele, women seek the total package when choosing an entertainer. Our girls who seek girls are interested in more than just looks. Yes, overall sex appeal including chemistry is a must; personality and charm are essential. The overall look of the entertainer and her skills on stage make her the perfect choice. Club Risque’s consistent and ever-changing assortment of tantalizing entertainers means the girl on girl fantasy for your girl or for you as a couple, can take place seven days a week.

Truth or Myth?
Which customers are more forward: male customers or female customers?

According to experts, our ladies are claiming the title, not every time just some of the nights. Not in an obnoxious grabby manner; they are proud to say they love the girl-on-girl interaction, and aren’t afraid to ask for it. One of the juicer highlights from our Club Risque girls answering what do women want includes conversation, boobs and include the urge to make out. Some of best girl-on-girl lapdances included a female customer who was willing to keep our entertainer company and strip off her clothes too. Ah! Just the fantasy remember and our entertainers are always kind enough to remind our guests that fantasy is just that, tease and not (reality) and if stripping is what you desire, we hold auditions daily for new entertainers. If you want to become a stripper out West, our friends at the Palomino Club in Las Vegas can help you with that.

Ladies, come on your own to firsthand experience Club Risque and guys, bring your girl to experience our girls.

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